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Hello there, I am Raquel. I am socially awkward, shy, enjoy music, coffee lover, tea consumer, sleep deprived, stressed constantly, hopeless romantic, a Bobcat and in love. We all need to "escape" sometimes and this happens to be my place to vent and express myself.


Door in Venice, Italy (by Dmitri Korobtsov)

New York City - Snow - Morton Street - West Village
There is nothing quite like
winter evenings
in the city
when the trees reach over
cars dusted
with confectioner’s sugar snow
and lights twinkle in windows
like eyes full of wonder.
This was taken on a recent winter afternoon in the West Village with my Sony QX100 just as evening was about to take over. The street is Morton Street which is home to some of the first land in New York City settled by the first wave of European immigrants. It’s one of my favorite streets to walk down in the snow especially when all of the lights start to come on for the night.
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“We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams.” - Arthur O’Shaughnessy
Artwork by Lily & Val

My morning.

Sascha Asleep in the Sun (by Bill in DC)